April 2020

Car Accident

What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen

This is likely to be one of my shorter posts but I think it needs to be done. An Unhappy View of the World Without mentioning names I came across someone the other day who was unhappy with their circumstances. They were young and on the face of it had little to worry about. Been […]

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What Don’t You Know?

Introduction Bit of an open ended question but if one answers it honestly I guess the answer would have to be something along the lines of ‘A whole lot’. Simply because there so so much information and knowledge out there these days it would be impossible to know and cover every topic or opinion. However […]

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Forgotten Things Can Make A Difference

A Leaking Water Main What has a water leak got to do with making money online you might ask. Probably not a lot in practical terms but if you take a more generalised view there are some lessons to be learned. So it all started with a letter from the local council telling me I […]

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