Starting Can Be A Challenge

Do you ever get the feeling is it really worth it when it is time write another post?
I certainly do although with practice, up to post 22 now, it does seem to be getting a bit easier.

I’m sure that there are plenty who enjoy, with gusto, getting stuck into the keyboard as the words just tumble out.

But that is not really my strength. So it takes me a little while to first come up with a topic. Then I have to think about how it will all be put together and what value I can offer to my readers.

In reality topics are everywhere but it is important to keep the focus on your niche so far as subject matter is concerned. It is no good rambling on about Toothbrush Holesmanship if it’s irrelevant and won’t mean anything to your readers.
(refer Peter Sellers Balham Gateway to the South 1958 monologue – listen to it here on YouTube)

Raising Your Blog’s Profile

As well as keeping on topic and giving readers value there is an often overlooked aspect that of raising the profile of your blog.

One of the commonly recommended ways of raising your blog’s profile is blog hopping.
In essence finding related blogs where you can leave a worthwhile comment with a reference or link back to your own blog.

Does Backlink Commenting Still Work?

Recently there has been much commentary that these ‘self created’ back links no longer have value with Google.
Such links are discounted. This in turn has lead many to conclude that blog commenting to get back links is now of little value.

There is a measure of truth in it but it overlooks the fact that, as Neil Patel has said in one of his posts, the information posted in the average blog comments section is spam.

Comments such as ‘Great post’ and ‘Like your post’ really serve no useful purpose whatsoever.
There is a need to provide both relevancy and value in a comment.

If we look elsewhere to a blog like Brian Dean’s Backlinko we find that he talks about building 'awesome' back links in 2020.

So somewhere along the line the message has become confused or misdirected.

What Are The Real Issues With Backlink Comments?

The issue I suggest is the fact that many who try to create backlinks by random commenting on arbitrarily selected blogs have little success.

They have no strategy and do not understand what needs to be done to succeed. Whereas both Neil Patel and Brian Dean consider that blog commenting done properly is invaluable.

Key Points That Make Blog Commenting Worthwhile

a) Personal Presentation

First there are important presentation factors.
It is no use hiding behind a pseudo name or nickname that means little to the site owner.

If the site owner doesn’t see you as a real person then in all probability your comment won’t get past the approval stage.

Make sure any comment is posted with both your first and last name and that it provides real value.

Take care with your email address. Use one that you monitor regularly and ensure that it is valid – no spelling errors.
Sometimes others may try to contact you and if the email is incorrect you have lost that opportunity.

A picture of yourself adds value too. Do this with a Gravatar (Click here for detail).
Make sure that it a decent one. Not some old grainy holiday snap taken years ago.

A picture makes you more real to both the blog owner and others that may read your comment.
In earlier days I found putting myself out there quite challenging. Nowadays not quite so. Not everyone online is a scoundrel.

b) Make Original Comments

Make sure your comment is original and not some copy and paste item that you suggest is your own.
A copy and paste approach makes you look indifferent and perhaps a bit on the lazy side.

Your comment has to be directly related to the post concerned and add real value. Stick to the topic.

c) Provide Useful Links and References

Sometimes it can be helpful to the readers to link out to another page that relates to the topic at hand.
If you have a post on your site that is directly relevant that’s fine.

Also consider references that you know of on other blogs too. Be generous in the way that you add value. Blog commenting is not just about you and what you want to achieve. It is about adding value to the topic at hand. The other factors will come with time.

d) Be Selective Where You Comment

Of particular importance is on which blogs you choose to leave your comments.
When I first started blog hopping it was a struggle to find any blog to comment on.

Neil Patel recommends that you comment on industry blogs more often and avoid leaving comments on nondescript non-industry blogs.
He also recommends using mainstream blogs like Huffington Post too.

e) Don’t Use Blog Comments As A Support Desk

Blog comments are not the place to ask for information. Technical and other questions are best directed to a support area.
If you think the author of the post can provide you with some useful information then contact him via other means.
Use a Facebook PM or if he has a contact or Help Desk link use that.

f) Avoid Making Spam Comments

Any comment that hints of spam should be avoided. Rather make it valuable and rich in content.
Arguments and disagreeable commentary should be avoided too.
There is nothing wrong with robust debate based on fact and valid information but personal abuse is a no no.

g) Acknowledgement The Author

Finally acknowledge the author or blogger by name as you sign off from the comment area. They have put in the time and effort to make the post and deserve recognition for their efforts.

h) Comment Early

And a tip that can be very useful. Try to comment on any new post as early as possible. This puts you at the head of the comments.
Which makes it likely that all who come along afterwards will find your comment.

You can set up things like Google Alerts to let you know when new posts are made in your niche.

Final Comments

I hope that this post has provided you with some basic advice on blog hopping.
Done properly it still has great value for both you and your readers.

A good source for building a blog that forms the core of your business can be found in this Ambassador webinar.
Click Here for help to build a sustainable online business.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page.
I’ll be happy to help where I can.


Talk again soon

Ian Whyte

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    5 replies to "How To Make Good Blog Comments"

    • Charles Morgan

      Hello Ian,
      I was on Randy Smith’s blog and saw that article about whether size matters. I had made a similar comment in a recent post, and so I wanted to comment. He had a LONG post, wow! So, before I posted my comment I noticed a few others, including yours, and decided to click on your name and see what you were up to. And THIS is the post I landed on, which I thought was great, and also explained why your comment was so content rich! By the looks of your site, I’d guess you’re probably a JT student, as am I. I really like this particular post. It’s relevant, helpful, and has a few links built in as well. Very nicely done.
      Be well
      Charles Morgan recently posted…Coming Soon. . . reallyMy Profile

      • Ian Whyte

        Hi Charles,
        Many thanks for the visiting my site.
        Interesting that you made the link via Randy Smith. Shows that blog commenting does good things if you are consistent
        You are right in thinking I am a JT student.
        Like you I am starting to get off the ground having just passed the half way mark on his new 60 day course.
        I would encourage you to keep pursuing John’s course to the end even when the going gets a bit tough.
        Having had a look at your blog I think you know that already.
        Another way of looking at things is that you are a result of all the decisions you have made – like your post about having car troubles on the PA turnpike.
        Which also tells me you are in the US. I’m a bit further afield than that in Australia.
        In you latest post you mention checking out a webinar – which I presume is JT – but there doesn’t appear to be an active link anywhere to do that.
        Keep up the good work and thanks for following my blog.

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