Losing Track of Time

An Unexpected email I just received an email from Jetpack telling me that my site was back up after being down for 19 minutes. Looking closer there was an earlier one telling me my site was down. This was bad news and then good news. Fortunately I did not see the first one until after […]

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How To Make Good Blog Comments

Starting Can Be A Challenge Do you ever get the feeling is it really worth it when it is time write another post? I certainly do although with practice, up to post 22 now, it does seem to be getting a bit easier. I’m sure that there are plenty who enjoy, with gusto, getting stuck […]

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Car Accident

What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen

This is likely to be one of my shorter posts but I think it needs to be done. An Unhappy View of the World Without mentioning names I came across someone the other day who was unhappy with their circumstances. They were young and on the face of it had little to worry about. Been […]

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3 Blogging Challenges To Be Beaten

Been a Bit Lost It has been a while since I was here to make another blog post and there are several reasons (excuses) for that. But we will get to them shortly. In the interim I have been ‘wandering around’ in the IM world investigating things that were looking attractive but were really diversions. […]

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