Dead end roadThis is likely to be one of my shorter posts but I think it needs to be done.

An Unhappy View of the World

Without mentioning names I came across someone the other day who was unhappy with their circumstances. They were young and on the face of it had little to worry about. Been educated reasonably well, started a new job and had a roof over their head.

But deep inside they felt unhappy. And with the emphasis these days on mental health that is where they headed. Straight to a therapist rather than try and take time to think about their sitiuation.

External Solutions Not Always The Answer

And this is where I feel we have gone off the rails in many cases. Looking for an external solution to an internal problem. Sure, talking to someone can definitely help. And in the absense of family and friends I guess a therapist can help.
But we can also help oursleves by taking stock of our own situation and use some of our own internal resources. It occurred to me that maybe we have been duped or deluded into thinking that we always need to find the answer externally or elsewhere. Like from an app on our mobile phone or on a Help line rather than from our internal resources.

Over Reliance On Technology

Then I came across this TED talk by Margaret Heffernan where she discussed the human skill that we have essentially lost or are losing because of reliance on technology to give the answer. The human factor has been removed in the name of efficiency. Margaret’s talk is well worth watching.

Have We Failed The Next Generation

Building on Heffernan’s ideas it further occurred to me maybe we have let our young people down by not giving them the living skills that they really need in a ‘hostile’ world. Yes they might have their cell phone, a car, food and a place to live but are they really prepared for the real world. Or have we let them down with limited human interaction and little emotional resiliance.

Which brings us back to the need to look for a therapist at a very early age. Maybe it’s understandable because of the lack of living skills we have passed on to the younger generation. You tell me.

80 20 ruleWorrying Is All Too Common

Many years ago I was introduced to an approach to worrying that I thought was helpful.
When faced with troubling circumstances ask yourself the question – What is the worst thing that could happen – then propose the worst likely outcome. Then work down the question tree until you realize that your problem is likely not as bad as you thought and may even be resolved. And your worry has probably been diminished too.

There is the old adage that about 80 percent of what you worry about never comes to pass.
Which seems to be confirmed by this HuffPost contribution.

Limited Income Worries

Which leads us to a possible solution to a problem that faces many folk, namely a limited income.

For many years the traditional approach to income was to have a job that was reasonably secure. You were able to house, feed and clothe yourself and, in many cases, your dependants with perhaps a little left over for discretionary items. Longer term prospects were usually good too.
Although I would have to confess to being turned out of a 20 year old job, just short of 50, when I was ‘politely’ told “Your function has been absorbed”

A Different World With Different Options

But world has changed and there are many who work in the casual or gig economy with little or no certainty for their position and future income. Many work hard in these areas and often do not consider the online world or internet as a potential income source.

On Line Opportunities

Opportunites online are many and varied. Some are outright scams but others are quite legitimate and can provide an alternative income to the normal exchange of your time (hours) for dollars. All you need is access to the internet with a computer or perhaps a cell phone. Although using a phone is a bit restrictive.

Starting at no cost is possble with one of these approaches.
Eleven free ways to make money online

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If you have a little capital then Eric Hammer's Income Formula may be a better option

And if you want to learn how to build a substantial online business then John Thornhill's Partnership to Success is a really viable option. But it does require some dollars to be invested.

Talk to you again soon

Ian Whyte

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