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Not so long ago I came across a webinar advertised on Facebook.

It was being run by a very well-known online entrepreneur and author.

The Angle

‘Use nothing but email to generated over $3million with a simple one-page method’
(Subsequently he revised it to a MONTHLY income)

In fact, it was rather interesting, and he made it very obvious that it was a pre-sell for a bigger more expensive coaching program by stating that…

‘A few people will have chance to qualify and work with us if you stay to the end of the webinar.’

That’s fine because it is a fairly standard approach used when presenting a webinar.

Of more interest, however, was the method that they described in the webinar.
It was a pure back to basics method, that you’ll probably already know about, if you have been about Internet Marketing for even a little while.

Now remember this was the core premise of an hour-long webinar, from a very well-established internet marketer and author.


It was being used to persuade subscribers to join a webinar selling a high-ticket coaching option.

Now as noted before it’s nothing you wouldn’t have come across already.
In fact, it is something that most of us will have understood years ago and which has never changed:

To generate money online you have to keep DOING things and KEEP doing them consistently.

So it was interesting to see a marketer promoting ‘Action and Consistency.’
Methods that have been around Internet Marketing for years. 

Let’s get down to the actual method…

One of the things I really liked was the fact that the webinar host kept saying…

‘If you can’t write your business idea down on a napkin it’s too complicated’

It’s not exactly 100% true, but simple systems are best.
And this appealed to my sense of simplicity.
Which is consistent with the KISS principle – ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’

The Methodology…

Right up front it was made clear you didn’t need…

  • Products
  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Past Experience
  • Technical Skills
  • Personal Selling Skills
  • Or significant income or capital to start.
    (‘Starbucks coffee-level’ was all that was needed)

Back To Basics

Once all the up-front fluff was over the presenter suggested it was time to get back to basics

The methodology:

  • One single-page squeeze page that directed prospects to an email list opt-in
  • Then send them directly to an affiliate offer.
  • Follow up was a series of automated emails.
  • The host then promoted screenshots showing how he’d made $3million just doing this.

Now the host had a huge list, with over a million people.
So it’s totally obvious that it’s possible to achieve the $3 million.
Not so easy with a list of few hundred.

In fact, he even gave the name of the product.
A mindset approach methodology which had an associated ClickBank affiliate program.

Based on Readily Available Information

All of the above is really interesting because it’s ALL readily accessible to the most novice newbie.
And the real golden nugget was what the marketer was actually doing it.

The KEY takeaway was that the webinar was automated.

And it was selling a high-ticket coaching program.
So, they advertise on FB and if you watch the webinar they follow up with email.

And what is it that really works in Internet Marketing?

This is what I picked up from that webinar and I still see successful marketers doing:

  • Using decades old selling techniques that WORK but putting a spin or new angle on them
  • USING these back-to-basics strategies themselves rather trying new loopholes, shortcuts, and hacks.
  • They spend money to buy traffic and put eyes in front of their offers (or some recommendation)
  • ENSURING that they make MORE than they spend.
  • They don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
  • They Offer Value

And most importantly:

Being consistent – doing it every single day.
So, if top name internet marketers can make $3 million a MONTH doing this, then it most definitely works, OK?.

YES – Basics WORK.

Because Selling is Selling.

Talk again soon

PS: CLICK HERE to see an example of a Webinar promoting a top opportunity?

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