In Search of Excellence

In Search of Excellence Having just returned to the new 60 day version of Partnership to Success and John Thornhill’s comments about staying focused really hit the mark. For some reason his words reminded me of a classic business book I read many years ago. ‘In Search of Excellence’ was first published 38 years ago […]

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Forgotten Things Can Make A Difference

A Leaking Water Main What has a water leak got to do with making money online you might ask. Probably not a lot in practical terms but if you take a more generalised view there are some lessons to be learned. So it all started with a letter from the local council telling me I […]

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Some Thoughts On Y2K, 2020 and PLR

Dates, Time and Growing Older Welcome to my first post for 2020 When I was very young I thought that dates somehow repeated themselves over time. Not sure where that idea came from but I guess as I grew older my understanding of how things worked improved. A little further on down the track – […]

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