Dates, Time and Growing Older

Welcome to my first post for 2020

When I was very young I thought that dates somehow repeated themselves over time. Not sure where that idea came from but I guess as I grew older my understanding of how things worked improved.

A little further on down the track – probably pre-teens – I calculated that in the year 2000 I would be 56 but considered it so far off that I might not get there. I would be ‘too old’ to worry about it anyway.

Now looking back from 2020 one wonders where it has all gone.


Now For Y2K and The Millenium Bug

My memory of New Year’s Eve 2000 is counting down the minutes to midnight in an office conference room waiting for the much vaunted Y2K bug to bite. It never did and the prior effort and risk assessments, while necessary, all just faded away.

There was a lot of hype about Y2K, and some paranoia, but the risk of a 2-digit year notation did have some validity.

How Not To Order Your Inventory

In a different, but similar context, a 2-digit notation was used in our company’s commercial software to count the number of auto-fax batch order transmissions. Orders prepared during the day were batched by the system and faxed to suppliers overnight

This meant 99 was the maxiumum transmission count. What happened after that you might ask?

As we discovered one morning the answer is simple. The system just clocks over to ‘zero zero’ and starts faxing every order in the system irrespective of date or delivery status.

Needless to say the phones ran hot and there were a lot of red faces about the place. Sorting it out took days!!

Lessons We Can Learn

So what should we learn from this bit of history and nostalgia?

Two things are relevant for us here.

First ‘We don’t know what we don’t know’
Second ‘We can have an incorrect perception of something until we learn more about the topic’

Which lets us segue nicely into the topic of Private Label Rights or PLR!
An often misunderstood, misused and sometimes maligned part of the Internet Marketing world.

PLR or Private Label Rights
If you have been trying to make an income on the internet for a little while it’s likely you will have heard about PLR. Perhaps you have even puchased some. Now it resides on your hard disc unused taking up space.

Should this be your experience then you are not alone. I am sure there are countless PLR products – pdf eBooks, Videos, Audios, Slide shows – sitting on peoples hard discs.

PLR is often initially purchased as product to use or sell to produce an income. Sometimes promoted as a quick and easy means of rapidly getting a product online PLR more often is unused for want of knowing how to implement it.

PLR Is Often Very Poorly Regarded

There is also a wider perception that PLR is generally a poorer quality or rubbish product not worth bothering with.
And in some cases this is undoubtedly true.

As a general summary there is lots of rubbish PLR out there, some that is OK but, and this is the key, some PLR is of VERY high quality.
You just have to find it.

Another factor that detracts from PLR is that the few people who actually use the PLR they purchase use it as is.
It is loaded to a website with the supplied graphics, squeeze pages and buy pages unaltered.
There is no attempt to edit anything to make it unique.

If a few purchasers of a particular PLR product do this there are multiple clones of the same site.
Duplicate sites do not fare well in any sense and are unlikely to very successful.
Google will not treat them kindly either.

This post only aims to raise your awareness of the potential for PLR in your online inventory.
Later posts will deal more with specifics but here are a few broad tips to start.

Key Points to Consider When Using PLR

Only buy quality PLR.
Generally avoid the cheap $7 eBooks
Quality can often be based on reputable named authors or publishers.

Best PLR is good quality that is not heavily branded
Price can sometimes determine good quality
Not too old – check the publication date.
Some say under 12 months other under 24 months

Search to see how well it is selling – use JVZoo, Clickbank or WarriorPlus
No point in buying poor selling PLR

Don’t buy individual PLR.
Join a good membership site and be selective in your purchases.
There are some good PLR product membership sites out there such as
PLR Monthly Click Here to take a look.
Throw out any rubbish PLR you may buy. It’s not worth trying improve it.

Don’t use all of a PLR purchase in the one place.
Use part of it. Cut and paste to mix and match with others.
Avoid thinking it is a single purpose product.
Curate from several PLR buys to make it your own.

Re-purpose your PLR
Turn an eBook into an Audio file by reading it
Make a slide show presentation
Turn it into posts for your blog or emails

Finally and most important this is KEY
Does the PLR help your customer

Hopefully this post has given you some food for thought.
Either to introduce you to PLR for the first time or perhaps get you to re-think about how you see PLR in your inventory.

Talk to you again soon

Ian Whyte

There are any number of good PLR training courses available. It is just a matter of finding them.
One such course is Barry Rodgers Complete PLR Mastery 2.0
Click this link for details.

Another excellent course which you can access is John Thornhill’s Live Product Creation Workshop
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