What Do Lost and Loss Mean

Lost and Loss are two words that frequently get used and for good reason. They are able to be used in numerous circumstances and for many reasons with subtle variations in their implied meaning.

The dictionary defines Lost in two ways
1) unable to find one’s way; not knowing one’s whereabouts
2) that which has been taken away or cannot be recovered

Loss is a noun that refers to the process or fact of losing something or someone.

The Reason For The Question

The reason I am bringing this up is simple.

The other day my bike riding friend and I got ‘lost’ for a while because we got into new and unfamiliar territory. We then had to find our way back to a known point so we could get home.

Not being expert with Google maps our single phone proved inadequate for solving our problem. We could have spent 20 minutes trying to sort out the phone only to find we read it incorrectly.

So we resorted to the tried and true method of ‘asking a local!’ This proved to be a bonus as well. While we were getting directions our conversation included other things like the locality and its history. So as a result we came away that much wiser and knew how to get back on track. All we had to do was ASK!!

Seeing how freely our newly acquainted friend volunteered the information we needed made me reflect on how similar that situation is to the online world.

Perhaps You Are Lost Online

Working on line we are far more likely to get lost in the technology or the myriad of options that we are faced with as we start on the journey.

The internet marketing world often gets a bad wrap with scams and rogue players being highlighted in the news. And without a doubt there are plenty of them out there. The news usually has ‘something of note’ most days.

Most of us will have a ‘horror’ story in one form or another. About being ‘seen off’ by a scam or rogue operator. It has certainly happened to me a few times in a small way. Like the Forex signup that duped me into handing over a few hundred dollars. Immediately cancelling my credit card saved the day.

Avoid Concentrating On The Negatives

Concentrating on the bad aspects of the internet overlooks all the good work that goes on behind the scenes. For me these far outweigh any of the negatives in the internet world.

We hear little if anything about the countless of good, honest members of the online world who quietly get on with their business helping and guiding folk with information and training.

Many a time I have resorted to a help desk to get the answer to an issue. The occassional Skype call has sometimes saved the day. Skype gives you immediate contact with people almost anywhere in the world. You just have to remember the time zone differences.

All You Have To Do Is Ask

Like the bike ride situation all you have to do is ASK. And that usually proves to be the hardest part. We all worry about asking ‘dumb’ questions or appearing to be ‘stupid’ for asking. But the truth of the matter is that the ‘dumbest question’ is often the one that you don’t ask.

It is something I have struggled with over the years having been told many times growing up ‘Get your facts right’. Problem is if you aren’t sure of your ‘facts’ then asking a question to get more information becomes a ‘risky’ business. You usually end up not asking.

I am sure many of you will relate to this situation in one form or another. Pluck up the courage when needed and ask that question. Take your online tutors and mentors at their word that they want to help.

You might be surprised at the information and help you receive. Which in turn will help you grow your online business.

A Final Word

Now the final word is for ourselves. We need to reciprocate as and when we have the opportunity. It is too easy to get tied up in our own issues and challenges and forget to return the deed. There will also be times when we can help without being asked – ‘Paying it forward’ is a phrase that comes to mind.

You might ask ‘Who would want to be helped by me’ but that is the wrong question. Better to ask yourself ‘What can I do to Help’ in this situation.

Whatever you consider your limitations there will always be something you can do to contribute. Just make a go of it.

Let me know about your experiences and whether you have been getting lost online.

Talk to you again soon

Ian Whyte

If you feel you are ‘lost’ trying to make progress online having a training roadmap and mentor is invaluable. Check out John Thornhill's Partnership To Success program here and see what you think.

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