Advantages of Over Delivering

I was fortunate enough to get early access the new Viral Traffic Boost (VTB) product created by Omar and Melinda Martin. More recently I’ve been looking at some of the Done For You (DFY) funnels and the library of Private Label Rights (PLR)  publications that come with the product. There are several things to relate […]

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security screen

Have You Found Your ‘Groove’ Yet

One sometimes hears the expression ‘in (or into) the groove. And while it may be a bit dated the common interpretation is along the lines of ‘performing consistently well or confidently’ or ‘enjoying oneself, especially by dancing’ A New Groove on the Block Recently, alongside all these other interpretations, a new Groove has a started […]

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warehouse with multilayer racks in a factory

Selling a Physical Product Online

It Often Seems Like A Good Idea One of the attempts I made in the past was to sell a physical product online with Amazon. While it was not a complete failure there were certainly challenges and issues that are specific to that means of generating an income. My first tentative attempts with products was […]

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The Hidden Gem of Product Selection

Choosing a Product or Niche One of the tasks that comes up early in the learning process for any online budding ‘entrepreneur’ is selecting a ‘product’ or niche. There are as many suggestions as there are ideas offered for this activity. For a newcomer these can be overwhelming as they devote hours, sometimes days and, […]

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